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The revolution for the security and smart home industry
All communication between TabTechnic alarm sensors and the Control Unit is made using our own in house developed Bluetosec© radio technologie. Bluetosec© is a technical evolution of the globally recognized Bluetooth LE industry standard. We have further developed and modified this Bluetooth standard to make it practical and usable in the security and smart home industries. The AES 128 Bit encryption provides a high signal security against intruders and the longer signal range gives more freedom than common security and smart home systems are able to offer. The new software based solution offers many new and unique features, which is not possible with common analogue systems. Discover the future of security and smart home control with the TabTechnic products.
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aura-volume sensor

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The Bluetosec Aura features an integrated infrasonic sensor that responds to air pressure changes (opening or breaking a door or window). In the event of an alarm, the control panel sends a message to your stored e-mail address. A arming and disarming can also be done via SMS.

The advantage of the Bluetosec Aura is that there is no need for direct visual contact between the infrasound source and the sensor. Thus, an infrasound sensor arranged centrally in the house is sufficient to monitor the opening or closing of the door in the house entrance, in the nursery or in the basement.

In addition, the BT aura is insensitive to temperature changes, magnetic fields and radio waves.

1 x Bluetosec Aura
1 x remote control
1 x 5V power supply
1 x 2m USB cable

Hersteller Bluetosec
Kategorie / Typ sensors

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