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The revolution for the security and smart home industry
All communication between TabTechnic alarm sensors and the Control Unit is made using our own in house developed Bluetosec© radio technologie. Bluetosec© is a technical evolution of the globally recognized Bluetooth LE industry standard. We have further developed and modified this Bluetooth standard to make it practical and usable in the security and smart home industries. The AES 128 Bit encryption provides a high signal security against intruders and the longer signal range gives more freedom than common security and smart home systems are able to offer. The new software based solution offers many new and unique features, which is not possible with common analogue systems. Discover the future of security and smart home control with the TabTechnic products.
Smart home radio transmitter for wireless sirens |  | Code: 8145 Smart home radio transmitter for wireless sirens |  | Code: 8145

Smart home radio transmitter for wireless sirens

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The Smart Home transmitter is capable of receiving radio commands from the Alarmtab Central and then using a 433 MHz signal to switch them to battery operated devices such as indoor / outdoor sirens or other 433 MHz receivers.

The activation time of the radio transmitter can be set in the control panel as desired between 1 and 999 seconds.

By using repeaters, you can also control the sirens or other devices from a great distance.


1 x Smart Home radio transmitter for wireless sirens
1 x magnetic pad (30mm)
1 x power supply 5V / 2A
1 x 3m USB cable with angle connection (white)

Hersteller Bluetosec
Kategorie / Typ sirens / speaker

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