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The revolution for the security and smart home industry
All communication between TabTechnic alarm sensors and the Control Unit is made using our own in house developed Bluetosec© radio technologie. Bluetosec© is a technical evolution of the globally recognized Bluetooth LE industry standard. We have further developed and modified this Bluetooth standard to make it practical and usable in the security and smart home industries. The AES 128 Bit encryption provides a high signal security against intruders and the longer signal range gives more freedom than common security and smart home systems are able to offer. The new software based solution offers many new and unique features, which is not possible with common analogue systems. Discover the future of security and smart home control with the TabTechnic products.
8-channel wireless DVR 638-2 8-channel wireless DVR 638-2

8-channel wireless DVR 638-2 "AMGoCam P" video surveillance

(2TB hard drive) with 8 x 940nm HD wall camera

£ 898.00

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NEW: The triggered video recordings are saved with soundtrack, because the cameras bring a powerful microphone, with which it is possible for you to save and reproduce the spoken word to match the picture. It is recommended to use the cameras inside the house, because in the outdoor area many foreign sounds (such as wind noise) could distort the audio recording.

Are you looking for a secure wireless video surveillance with 4 cameras including audio recording?
Our new Wi-Fi video surveillance system offers many benefits you can not find in other systems:

  • ready for use, with German menu, also accessible via Internet
  • with a server that is located in Germany and works according to the strict German data protection laws
  • a DVR-634 Wi-Fi recorder that can work with a wide range of camera models for any purpose, indoor and outdoor, and powerful microphone
  • with a smartphone app that not only lets you view live images, but also lets you remotely record your recorder
  • with cameras whose slightly red-glowing 850nm infrared LEDs ensure a very good illumination at night -> this makes it possible to contribute to the investigation of the crime in case of burglary and / or vandalism, thanks to the stored video and audio material
  • High image resolution with 960P, so that you can still see details even when enlarging the image and have the largest possible field of view in front of the camera
  • high radio range thanks to bridge signal technology in the cameras (the radio signal is transmitted from one camera to the next, which gives you high wireless ranges between camera and recorder)
  • with trouble-free digital and well-protected WLAN connection

Do you want to monitor your area absolutely invisibly but do not miss any of the outstanding features of this set? Then our video surveillance set AMGoCam AP with 4 x wall-mounted cameras with completely invisible 940nm LEDs is just the thing for you.

Please note that we also offer in the shop 10m DC extension cable, with which an optimal placement can be made possible, should the power supply / socket are located further away.

More information can be found in the product brochure

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1 x DVR 638A-2 "AMGoCam AP" with 2 TB hard disk, audio
1 x power supply 12 V / 3 A (cable length approx. 1.20 m)
8 x HD wall camera 940nm in metal case with microphone
8 x power supply 12 V / 1 A (cable length approx. 1.20 m)
1 x network cable
1 x user manual in German
1 x wireless mouse in white
2 x AAA battery

Hersteller Bluetosec
Kategorie / Typ video surveillance

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