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The revolution for the security and smart home industry
All communication between TabTechnic alarm sensors and the Control Unit is made using our own in house developed Bluetosec© radio technologie. Bluetosec© is a technical evolution of the globally recognized Bluetooth LE industry standard. We have further developed and modified this Bluetooth standard to make it practical and usable in the security and smart home industries. The AES 128 Bit encryption provides a high signal security against intruders and the longer signal range gives more freedom than common security and smart home systems are able to offer. The new software based solution offers many new and unique features, which is not possible with common analogue systems. Discover the future of security and smart home control with the TabTechnic products.
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leave your home carefree

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Alarmtab product description

Alarmtab®, the award winning safety system with the best price-performance ratio.
As the world's first digital alarm system, Alarmtab® offers the unique 5-step protection concept

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The Alarmtab safety system differs significantly from all other alarm systems on the market.

Alarmtab is the only system that:

- operates completely with secure digital radio signals (as of Aug. 2017)

- is equipped with a large 25cm touch display

- the plain text menu makes intuitive and very simple operation possible

- in a personal layout of all rooms, all sensors are clearly displayed

- has an almost unlimited radio range due to a wireless networking of all sensors

- may be used in the same radio frequency in all countries worldwide

- by free internet updates can not become obsolete

- via secure Internet access is also fully controllable on the move and Alarmtab unites a variety of individual systems in one system:


  • Burglary prevention
  • burglar alarms
  • Live video monitoring
  • Photo evidence
  • Mechanically and electronically protected
  • Access control and remote control of electric door openers
  • Real smart home control for all electrical devices and sirens
  • Emergency call system for sick and elderly people
  • Door video intercom
  • Active GPS reconnaissance support
  • Can be used anywhere, even without DSL, landline telephone or WLAN

With Alarmtab, you will probably acquire the most advanced security system, with the most comprehensive performance and many useful features at the best price-performance ratio of all security systems on the market.

Convince yourself. We are sure, Alarmtab can withstand any objective comparison.

At the beginning of 2004, AMG Alarmtechnik started developing, producing and selling alarm systems.

In order to be able to compete with the big competitors, the focus was on new, customer-oriented product solutions, which could not be bought elsewhere.

This was the basis for the year-to-year increase in sales and the development of more than 55,000 customers worldwide.

Where is the problem with today's alarm technology?

Over the years, one thing became more and more clear: the customers became more and more demanding as technology became more and more advanced, and they asked for more and more functions that could not be realized with the previous analogue alarm systems.

The core problem was that the wireless technology of the existing alarm systems has developed only slightly since the mid-1970s. To date, intruder alarm systems consist of a control center which receives the radio signals from its sensors and then sets off a message or starts a siren. Therefore, the term "burglar alarm system" is derived.

Since the mere reporting of a burglary is not enough to give the owner the feeling of security, many dealers offer an access to a guard service. In the event of a burglary, these intervention forces are to be on the spot as soon as possible in order to prevent major damage.

We then asked ourselves whether this type of protection (reporting the burglary and, if necessary, the use of a guard service or police) was really sufficient? Or does it only give the owner the feeling of security?

It usually takes only about 1 minute until the burglar is in your home. And he's gone after an average 3 minutes with the prey. 

We asked us the question, what can change the message to the owner or the security guard on this situation? Only in the rarest cases will it be possible that help is within 3-5 minutes on the spot in order to evict the burglar, as far as possible without prey.

Of course, long-standing suppliers of burglar alarm systems say that the most effective protection is a fast alarm message and the rapid interception of police or security guard. The facts speak a different language. Only about 15% of the burglaries are cleared up and only about 3% of the burglars are condemned. Thus a burglary for the burglars is a worthwhile activity with very little risk.

The new solution approach

This situation has prompted us to rethink and to develop new and intelligent technologies.

Because the only helper, who is always there, is the technology you build in. Only this technique can immediately become active and influence the burglar. Only intelligent technology is able to act immediately and prevent major damage caused by vandalism and theft.

For this, neither a quick report of the burglary nor send the police or the guard service to the object is capable of this. And the fact that friends or neighbors put themselves in danger, in order to clarify the situation in case of alarm, must not be required.

Even burglars are human beings, they are subject to the same influences as any of us. In excitement, the adrenaline level increases, he is particularly attentive and jumpy. He pay attention to the slightest noise to escape in the first sign of danger.

On this basis the new safety concept was developed by Alarmtab. It uses new techniques to dissuade the burglars from their plans.

That a siren sounds with an alarm, the burglars will guess, probably knowing that it takes a few minutes, until someone is to be present. If the siren sounds in the control center, it will lead the burglar directly to the control center, which will be immediately destroyed.

In order to influence the burglar and control the course of action, the unexpected must happen. Alarmtab lures the burglar with unsuspecting acoustic and optical signals to the control center. A device camouflaged as a modern tablet PC plays a customer-adjustable video. Tablet PCs and smartphones belong to the most popular prey of the burglars after cash and jewellery. A conventional alarm center recognizes everyone, it will be destroyed.

A Tablet PC is, however, seen as a possible worthwhile prey. A theft of the central unit is likely. This is also wanted: while the perpetrator is lured to the central unit, he is photographed and the pictures sent to the owner.

As soon as he takes the central unit, a loud man's voice or angry dog ??barking sounds from the neighboring room. The owner can freely determine what should be heard from the alarm loudspeaker.

No offender wants to meet the owner or his dog, the probability that he is already taking flight is high. And as long as the perpetrator is occupied with the allegedly worthwhile prey, he has no opportunity to search your rooms. The owner, or his technique, controls the course of the action. For no offender will search in all the resting rooms when he hears noises (from the control room). He will first ascertain whether this is a danger to Him.

 If the burglar don´t want the control center as prey, the alarm loudspeaker starts automatically after a short delay. If desired, the Smart Home switches can also switch on the lights, a radio sounds, electric roller shutters drive down, and an outdoor siren starts. Hardly any offender can withstand this psychological pressure. If further pressure is to be built, the Shocksoud siren is used, an extremely effective tool for chase the burglar away.

If the offender has stolen the control center or one of the BTS smartphone cameras as supposed prey, Alarmtab starts its reconnaissance function. Each time the display is turned on, unmasked photos and the exact GPS position of the burglar are transferred to a secure server. Provide the photos and the exact address of the burglar to the police, faster and more effectively a burglary can not be resolved. However, all these functions and processes could not be realized with the existing analog technology. Therefore, the software-based security system Alarmtab was developed. This new, fully digital technology is safer, more powerful and often cheaper than previous professional intruder alarm systems. The future of new burglar protection has begun. Protect your family, yourself and your possessions now with the most modern technology.


burglary prevention

Stage 1

Effective intrusion prevention / burglary prevention

The burglary prevention is the first priority at Alarmtab. Alarmtab offers extensive functions for this:

  • Presence simulation:

Alarmtab can generate the typical light of a TV set. Seen from the outside, the impression is that someone is watching television.

  • Proximity alarms:

Alarmtab External sensors record the approach of the burglar to the house; on request an outside siren starts for a short time to signal to the burglar that he has already been recognized. Also outdoor sirens with text announcements are available.

  • Active defense:

Alarmtab can use any sensor to turn on a light or radio via a smart home switch, close the electric shutters, turn on the outdoor light, etc. All electrical devices can be controlled at will.

  • Intelligent control system

Alarmtab detects burglary attempts autonomously and triggers an alarm even if the owner has forgotten to arm the system.

  • Mechanical safety

Alarmtab also offers mechanical window and door locks for retrofitting. Small and inconspicuous, these retrofit bolts effectively protect against open windows and doors. Thanks to the magnetic connection to the electronic sensors, you can see worldwide on your smartphone if all windows and doors are secured. Even tilted windows are secured. Patent-protected: no drill holes are required in the visible area of ??windows and doors.

Stage 2

Instant alarm with photo proof

If, despite all precautions, a burglar occurs, extensive measures are launched:

  • alarm notification

Immediately after alarm triggering you receive a message by SMS, call and first pictures by e-mail.

  • Activate Sirens and light

Alarmtab can, if desired, switch any device, e.g. Light, TV, turn on the radio, close the shutters, start the indoor and outdoor sensors. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

  • Save proof photos

Via the built-in camera in the Alarmtab central unit and the newly developed BTS cameras, photos are uploaded to a secure server. Via smartphone or PC, you can view the photos and hand them over to the police, if necessary.

  • alarm confirmation

Alarmtab provides a multi-stage alarm that is false-alarm-free. As soon as the first sensor has tripped, you will be informed of the pre-alarm, as soon as a second sensor trigger, you will receive an alarm confirmation. So you can be 100% sure that it is a real alarm and not a false alarm. You can freely set whether sirens and messages start already with pre-alarm or only with alarm confirmation

Stage 3

Strategic distraction of the burglar from searching your rooms

If an offender is in your rooms, Alarmtab launches his new distraction program. This keeps the offender as long as possible from the searching for valuables and vandalism of your rooms.

  • Confuse and lure

The burglar want to quickly search the rooms for valuables and disappear with their prey. To prevent this, Alarmtab uses the caution of the burglary and lures them with an unsuspecting everyday video to the central unit.

No burglar searches your rooms if he has not previously convinced himself that the sounds he hears are not a "danger" to him.

  • Save the evidence

Still while the burglar go to the central unit, makes the integrated camera photos and sends them immediately on a secure server. Afterwards, all sounds in the room are recorded and also transferred to the secured server.

  • Offer prey

If the burglar is in the house, you will most certainly robbed. You can not prevent this. In order to keep the damage as small as possible, the Alarmtab central unit is "offered" in the design of a modern tablet PC as supposedly worthwhile prey. Apart from cash and jewelery, electronic small appliances such as smartphones and tablet PCs also rank third in the stolen valuables. As long as the burglar is "busy" by the tablet, he has no time to search your rooms.

Stage 4

Quickly expel the burglar from your rooms

The aim of Alarmtab is to allow the burglar to leave your rooms as quickly as possible. New technologies are being used:

  • Self selectable alarm tones

Even burglars are humans. You are usually under high stress and want to avoid any contact with the owners. This caution is used by Alarmtab. It will not simply start a siren, because burglar guess this and destroy the alarm centers or sirens in seconds.

Instead, Alarmtab uses voice speakers. The center transmits the selected alarm tones to an alarm loudspeaker in the adjoining room via Bluetooth. This can be angry dog ??barking or male voices or sirens burglars or an audio file you have created yourself. No burglar will want to check if there is an angry dog ??or the owner waiting for him in the next room. According to experience, the burglar immediately take flight as soon as voices or dogs are heard in the next room.

  • Motion-controlled shocksound sirens

The false alarm security and the expulsion of the burglar from your rooms have priority.

Alarmtab also offers a new siren concept: the Shocksound siren. In the case of an alarm, this unique siren is merely armed, more is not yet happening. If, however, an offender enters the room where the shock siren is located, the integrated motion detector starts the 120 dB siren. And as soon as the burglar leaves the room, it switches off, until he possibly enters the room again. Rooms that are protected with shocksound can not be searched because no one can stay in this room.
The double protection of the shock siren ensures that the residents can not accidentally start the sirens.

Stage 5

Active reconnaissance support after the burglary

To uncover a burglary and thus to get stolen valuables back only very rarely succeeds. Alarmtab supports the police with new technology in the Enlightenment:

  • Supposedly worthwhile prey

The Alarmtab control center in the design of a modern tablet PC and the BTS cameras in the design of a modern smartphone use the fact that these devices belong to the preferred prey of the burglars. Both in the Alarmtab headquarters as well as in the BTS cameras, an invisible reconnaissance program works with the aim to get the burglar. That is why it is much better these devices are stolen than the family jewelery or cash.

  • Transfer of unmasked perpetrators to a secure server

It is very likely that a burglar takes the Tablet PC or a smartphone BTS camera as supposedly worthwhile prey. As soon as the perpetrator turns on the display to check his "prey", unmasked photos and conversations are transferred to the secure server.

  • Always current position data of the offender

In addition to the photos and voice recordings, the current GPS position data are always transmitted unnoticed, which are so precise that usually the address of the burglar is indicated. Provide photos, voice recordings, and address of the burglar of the police, and the burglar is sure to be cleared up quickly.

Alarmtabprotects you best against a variety of dangers such as burglary, fire, water, gas, etc.

Despite the many possibilities, Alarmtab is very easy to use. The large touch display and the intuitive menu guidance help you to familiarize yourself quickly with the system. And if you have any questions, the user manual can be called up at any time, one click and the desired description is displayed.

In addition, Alarmtab provides a 2-step operating mode.

You can freely choose whether you want:

  1. a conventional burglar alarm / burglar alarm system, or whether you want
  2. The multi-stage alarm sequence with extensive protection and setting options.

In the settings menu, you can jump back and forth between "Super Simple" and "Comprehensive Protection" in the "Alarm sequence" menu item with just one click. The plain text menu tells you every step in the big screen. You can switch between the two basic settings at any time without losing any settings.

In the development of Alarmtab was a basic prerequisite:

Intelligent technology is supposed to do a lot, but it must not be complicated in operation.

In Europe, 3 frequencies are permitted for the free operation of alarm systems.

433 MHz

The frequency 433 MHz has been used for many years to transmit the radio signals from the sensor to the control center. Over the years, more and more devices have been introduced to the market that are working with this frequency. To avoid mutual interference, codings of the radio signals are used. In this case, the radio signal propagating in the form of a wave is either changed in its amplitude or in its frequency in such a way that the control center only receives and processes its known radio signals. The amplitude modulation is cheaper and more widespread than the technically more complex frequency modulation. Radio system with 433 MHz are usually cheaper than radio systems with 868 MH because of the high number of parts.

Alarm systems with 433 MHz frequency and signal protection are inexpensive, technically mature and suitable for a pure intrusion alarm.

868 MHz

After more and more radio signals were used, the security technology industry was looking for less used alternatives. Thus began the use of the 868 MHz frequency. Since these systems were manufactured in smaller numbers and thus are more expensive, the frequency 868 MHz was designated as a safety frequency. Physically, the frequency 868 MHz is only a slightly narrower amplitude than the 433 MHz frequency, a higher protection can not be achieved. Also at the 868 MHz frequency, the amplitude or frequency modulation is used for delineation to neighboring radio systems.

Alarm systems with 868 MHz frequency and signal protection are suitable for buyers who want to spend a little more money to use a burglar alarm system in the (currently still) less used frequency band. These systems are technically mature and well suited for a pure burglar alarm.

Safety of radio signals

The frequency bands 433 MHz and 868 MHz are analogue radio signals. It is correspondingly simple to intercept the radio signals and to replay them by means of a replay (copied signal transmission) from a suitable external transmitter. Thus, e.g. Of the control panel, that the remote control sends a signal to disarm the system. To intercept and copy the radio signals, it is sufficient if the attacker is positioned within a radius of approx. 100 m from the object and waits for the owner to use his radio remote control. In order to make such attacks more difficult, the so-called rolling code or hopping code method has been introduced. A new code, which can only be used 1 x, is agreed between the control center and the transmitter. This increases the security of the systems against abuse from the outside, however on the Internet devices are freely orderable, which also bypass this protective device. Ultimately, both frequencies, 433 MHz and 868 MHz, remain analogue radio signals, which can be attacked with corresponding technology.

2.4 GHz

In contrast to the analog frequencies 433 and 868 MHz, the radio signals in the 2.4 GHz range are digital signals. This has the advantage that very effective protective mechanisms can be used, e.g. The AES 128 or 256 bit encoding. These encryption methods are used worldwide and are used successfully for secure WLAN and Bluetooth connections. In combination with a 10-digit password, AES encryption is cryptically secure and can not be intercepted and misused from the outside. The security of digital radio signals originates also from the type of the radio technology. In order for the transmitter and receiver to connect to each other, a unique transmitter address, the so-called MAC address, is assigned to each transmitter. This MAC address is always unique and is not used on any other transmitter. The receiver now accepts radio signals only from stations whose MAC address has previously been coupled to the receiver. If a foreign transmitter tries to re-use a copied signal, it transmits with a MAC address, which is unknown to the control center, the radio signal is not accepted accordingly.

The password transmitted with the radio signal is transmitted as a secret key and can not be intercepted and misused by other devices. This has great advantages in practice: while analogue radio signals always have to cope with the problem of interference (interference of radio waves and thus not recognizable for the receiver), this problem does not exist with digital signals. A 2.4 GHz signal can work in parallel with many other 2.4 GHz signals in a small space without being disturbed. This is known from densely built areas, where many WLAN radio networks are superimposed and still usable.

Because digital radio signals are much safer and more powerful than analog signals, analogue radio systems are converted to digital world-wide. Use this knowledge when selecting your future alarm system.

Bluetosec technology

In order to be able to use sensors in the 2.4 GHz range for application in safety technology, two basic requirements had to be regulated:

  1. Low power consumption to enable long-term battery operation
  2. High radio ranges, in order to be able to also protect larger objects such as houses etc.

As there were no radio transmitter worldwide in 2014, which were suitable for use in the field of security technology, in conjunction with commercial communication devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones, the company Alarmtab has begun to develop.

In 3 years of development, a new radio protocol was developed on the basis of the new radio standard Bluetooth 4.0 LE. This new radio protocol was called Bluetosec and certified in the summer of 2016 for Europe-wide use. On the basis of this new radio protocol, digital transmitters have been developed whose radio signal can span up to 250 m in the open field. Within buildings, the radio range is up to 50 m and can be expanded indefinitely by the use of internal network technology. Each transmitter has its own unalterable MAC address and up to 16-digit PIN code. The digital signals are especially interference-resistant and any number of transmitters can transmit simultaneously without affecting each other. Interference problems, such as those with 433 and 868 MHz systems, do not exist. The Bluetosec technology has now been developed to market maturity and is already in use with many thousands of radio transmitter across Europe.

Compared to traditional analog intrusion alarm systems with radio frequencies 433/868 MHz

  1. First fully digital safety system on the market
  2. Absolutely secure signal transmission by AES-128-BIT encryption and secret key procedure
  3. Thanks to the network technology of the sensors, unlimited objects can be protected
  4. Connection of burglar alarm system, video surveillance, smart home control, intercom and GPS reconnaissance system in one system

Note: Bluetosec is the only wireless technology in the field of safety technology, which can be used in all countries worldwide.

In conjunction with modern hardware such as tablet PCs, smart phones and intelligent control software, Bluetosec transmitters can now offer a more powerful and reliable security system than ever before.

Experts agree: the future is digital.

Falsealarms are a common problem in burglar alarm systems. Nobody wants to annoy his neighbors unnecessarily or trigger a police intervention by a false alarm. For this reason, the issue of false alarm security was very important in the development of Alarmtab.

  • Thus, e.g. The alarm sequence can be divided into pre-alarm and alarm confirmation, if desired, if a second sensor confirms the alarm, the sirens are activated.
  • When you receive an alarm confirmation, you can be completely sure it is a real alarm.
  • The shocksound sirens only start their extremely loud siren sound when a burglar enters the secured room. An integrated motion detector ensures that there is no unnecessary siren alarm.
  • The professional motion sensors have 2 independent, different sensors. The alarm signal is sent only when both sensors report a movement. Pets up to 25 kg can be vandalized.

The control unit is equipped with intelligent self-monitoring. If this monitoring found that e.g. The telephone line or the Internet connection are interrupted, the control center will resolve these problems independently and then send you a confirmation. A false alarm caused by temporary faults in the control panel is thus avoided in advance.

Anintelligent system ensures that human or technical faults do not lead to loss of protection. Here are some examples of these controls.

Even if you forget to turn on the control center, your house is still protected. The window-door combination sensors detect the typical vibrations of a break-in and release an alarm even if you have forgotten to turn it on.

If a communication link such as WLAN, GSM radio or a sensor connection fails, Alarmtab eliminates these errors independently. You will then be informed about the action taken by your system by e-mail and SMS.

Alarmtab also monitors tilted windows against unauthorized opening. When a window is tilted and the control panel is armed, monitoring is started with the state in which the window is currently located. If the window is closed later, the tilt sensor is automatically integrated into the monitoring, no alarm is triggered when closing. This allows you to switch the window in the summer, even when the window is tilted, and close the window at night without having to worry about an alarm.

When you turn on the control panel, the confirmation tone loudspeaker will be announced to you in plain text if you have forgotten to close a window or a door. So you can be sure that everything is locked when you leave the house.

These and other features are part of the Intelligent Alarmtab control system, designed to make daily use as easy as possible.

The alarmtab video surveillance

Alarmtab connects a variety of individual functions to a system. In addition to burglar protection, video surveillance is an important component for your protection. You can optionally use individual WLAN cameras for indoor or outdoor use and display live images directly on the control panel. You also have the possibility to access your live streams directly from your smartphone.

If the video surveillance should be more comprehensive and with recording, Alarmtab offers the integration of a 4 or 8 channel network recorder with 2 to 8 WLAN cameras. The new repeater technology allows a radio range up to 200 m in the free-field and up to 50 m in buildings. A variety of different cameras are available, even with completely invisible night vision and up to 180 degrees super wide angle lens.

This allows you to monitor whole rooms with a single camera, without blind spots. The video pictures and also the recordings can be seen directly on the display of the alarm control center or via app from the road on the smartphone.

As a result, Alarmtab connects two systems (burglar protection and video surveillance) in one system, which is more convenient, more effective and less expensive than purchasing separate systems.

The picture shows the start screen of the alarm control center, from here you have direct access to the video surveillance and Smart Home control.

Alarmtab Zentrale Live Video

Protect your home or company with the latest technology available on the market.

The Alarmtab Smart Home control

The topic of smart home control is growing rapidly. These new controls make everyday life easier and offer additional protection. The control of the connected devices takes place at the control center or via the smartphone, from anywhere in the world. Please note, however, that there is not always really smart technology inside, when Smart Home is written on it. Many vendors use this designation as an advertising device and call your burglar alarm systems then Smart Home Alarm Systems.

Simple remote switches are offered, which can be switched on and off via WLAN or via the Internet. In the end, there are simple remote switches, but this has nothing to do with intelligent control in the actual sense.

Alarmtab understands under a SmartHome control the completely adjustable of your electrical devices, for example light, TV, roller shutters, garage door, door, garden watering and everything else with electricity.

Under real Smart Home control, Alarmtab understands that you have every possibility to control something, whether via a sensor, or at alarm, or after fixed times, or according to certain conditions such as brightness, temperature, humidity etc. All devices can be individually or individually controlled by several parameters, also in parallel.

For a better understanding, we present some examples:

You can start the outdoor siren for 5 seconds when an external sensor is triggered. But this is only to happen at night and only when the area garden is armed.

Or, when the central control unit is armed, you leave the roller shutters in the garden when a sensor is triggered and switch on the light on the terrace and in the house. You can be sure that no one will break into such activities.

Or, if the alarm control panel is disarmed, the garage door automatically opens in a fixed time window on certain days so you can go straight to the garage.

Or you come out of the holiday and switch on the heating by smartphone, so that the apartment is warm when you arrive at home.

Or if you are detected by the motion detector at night, the light is switched on for a short time.

The picture shows the control on the control panel or smartphone. The entire menu is clear and very easy to use.

Alarmtab Smart-Home Menü

There are ready-to-connect switches and also switches for the own cabling of any devices available. All Smart Home switches work with the secure 128Bit encryption and the secret key procedure; switching by strangers is impossible.

Everything is possible, we understand it under real Smart Home control. And this is the unique advantage of software-based security. This flexibility is technically simply not possible with analogue systems.

Decide for the technology of the future, this is digital and always up to date with the latest technology. Choose Alarmtab.

Because Alarmtab is software-based and can be accessed over the Internet, the user has considerable advantages in the service area. Here are some examples:

If you need support for the settings, simply call the service center. You enter a one-time maintenance PIN code in your control center and communicate this PIN code to the maintenance service. Now the technician can access your central office via the Internet and solve your problem or make the desired settings. As soon as the technician logs out, the one-time maintenance PIN expires, so your privacy is always protected.

Alarmtab can not become obsolete. You will regularly receive free updates with newly developed features and improvements, so your system will always be up-to-date.

If your control center has a technical problem, which can not be controlled online, you will get quick help by an exchange.

The special thing about this is that you get a ready-to-use control center with all your settings. Only switch on the control panel and all sensors are detected, all their personal settings are available. Quick and uncomplicated service can not be.

Alarmtab is offered in 3 expansion stages:

  1. The starter set, which can be expanded and put together according to your requirements.
  2. The standard set, can be extended as required by any components, suitable for a small house or larger apartment.
  3. The premium set, an alarm system with extensive equipment, for larger houses or apartments or small and medium-sized companies. The premium set is suitable for people who do not want to deal with the individual compilation of your system, but rather want to order a complete package. The set can be extended at any time.

Ready for delivery

All 3 systems are supplied ready for operation, which means that all settings have been carried out according to your requirements, all sensors are coupled to the central unit. You only connect the control unit to the WLAN and attach the sensors using adhesive and magnetic pads.

The advantage of self-assembly is that you will then be able to familiarize yourself with your system and thus get the optimum for yourself and your family from the system.


Ask your service partner for a mounting of your new alarm system. He will make you a good offer and you will be secured very soon.

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  • Operations Center
  • door contact
  • Window / broken glass combi detector with tilt monitoring
  • motion detector
  • 2 x remote control
  • Bracket for central
  • 3m power cable
  • 5V power supply
  • Arming LED with buzzer
  • 3m power cable
  • 5V power supply
  • 4 x warning stickers

Note: the background color can be set arbitrarily in all control panels.
Only at Bluetosec When purchasing a Bluetosec system, you can upgrade the center to any other Bluetosec system.
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