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All communication between TabTechnic alarm sensors and the Control Unit is made using our own in house developed Bluetosec© radio technology. Bluetosec© is a technical evolution of the globally recognized Bluetooth LE industry standard. We have further developed and modified this Bluetooth standard to make it practical and usable in the security and Smart Home industries. The AES 128 Bit encryption provides a high signal security against intruders and the longer signal range gives more freedom than common security and smart home systems are able to offer. The new software based solution offers many new and unique features, which is not possible with common analogue systems. Discover the future of security and smart home control with the TabTechnic products.
professional motion detector with weatherproof housing |  | Code: 8178 professional motion detector with weatherproof housing |  | Code: 8178

professional motion detector with weatherproof housing

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Motion Module

The Profi BM for Alarmtab include 2 sensors, 1 x PIR-BM and 1 x radio wave sensor.

The radio wave sensor generates an image of its surroundings through the use of radio waves.The radio waves are reflected by the environment. If something changes in this reflection, for example because someone enters the room, then the PIR-BM is switched "armed", then the PIR sensor (heat difference sensor) checks whether it is a mobile heat source.

Only when both sensors issue an acknowledgment, the alarm signal is sent to the control center.In this way, the otherwise typical false analyzes of PIR-BM are reliably prevented.The Profi BM for Alarmtab can be set in the sensitivity and range as desired and can hide pets up to 25 KG on request.

This will allow you to arm the system and the pet will still be able to move freely without triggering an alarm. Because of the monitoring by means of double sensor, these professional BM are not operated with battery but with mains power and emergency battery. A power adapter for the 220V power outlet and a black 10m power cord are included.

If required, the power cable can be extended as required via a 10 m plug cable. The mains power supply eliminates the need for an annual battery change and ensures reliable continuous monitoring. The emergency power battery supplies the professional motion detector with electricity for approx. 4 days.

The motion detector has a monitoring angle of approx. 180 ° and a range of approx. 8 meters.


When installing the motion detector, make sure there is a socket nearby.

Dimensions (with wall mount): 5.8 x 11 x 8.9 cm (WxHxD)


1 x professional motion detector BWM-03 with weatherproof housing and 10 m DC power cable
1 x wall bracket with 360 ° ball joint
1 x 12 V mains adapter with DC plug

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professional motion detector with weatherproof housing (sensors) | Code: 8178